Sunday, November 4, 2012

What are most common scams and fake tricks on facebook

When browsing on facebook, I come across many fake tricks that facebook users would quickly share and assuming to have them worked, that's why I decided to collect here some of the most common scams that you shouldn't trust or give importance whenever you come across them on facebook:

1 Facebook Dislike Button

The number one and most common fake trick that facebook users try to make you believe it, facebook yet have not added this option to its users and there's no way that it would be on facebook and not tell facebook users about it, would be public so everyone can use, don't trust photos that show fake proofs to what they say they've been completely modified.

2 Facebook Theme Color Changer

You can not change your facebook timeline layout so that your friends can see that, yes you can change the colour of facebook only using some add-ons but only you will be able to surf facebook with it on that browser only, your friends can't and facebook first color will be always the same.

3 Private Profile Viewer

Applications claiming to make you see private profiles of the people who use privacy settings are just a scam, there's no way that facebook breaks its loyality to its users and allow such a thing to happen, facebook already have security experts and web developers who get paid to make this not happen in any way possible.

4 Facebook Profiles Trackers

Facebook profiles trackers that can count how many time you've ever spent connecting on facebook through the week or how many visits to your timeline you get are not real, these applications are fake and use random ways to make their stats, they would pick randomly someone from your friends list and say that he's the most person viewing your timeline.

5 Facebook Page Likes Adder

You can't get real fans in seconds, not even fake fans to your page, sometimes it's either they ask you to first do surveys, share and like their page and ask you to put a link to your page and then nothing happens, the number of your page's fans are the same.

Some of the scammers use malicious ways not only to advertise you but also to exploit you, trusting such scams can threaten your facebook account privacy and internet security as well, so whenever you come across these types of scams just avoid to click on them.

Now you know what is true and what is fake, I hope this article was helpful to you.