Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to get notified without opening a facebook window for Chrome

Now you can browse webpages using the google chrome browser and still get notified from your facebook account, you don't need to open up a facebook window in order to receive your notifications, just make sure that you're logged and you'll get notified right from the extension icon added to your chrome browser.

How to download the extension ?

Facebook Notifications is a famous extension used by 1 million and half users, it's one of the top rated extensions on the google webstore, to download the extension click on the next direct link to the extension Facebook Notifications.

Once you're on the extension download page; click on Add To Chrome at the right side of the page, confirm that you want to use the extension and click on ADD.

Now the extension is added to your chrome browser, you'll notice that a blue icon has been added to your browser toolbar, you'll get notifications right from that icon without opening a window for facebook, but make sure that you're logged in to your facebook account.

A facebook notification.

As you can see in the picture below, I can check my facebook notifications from the extension icon when I'm on a google search page:

You can see your facebook notifications right from the extension icon.
This extension is recommended for busy people who can not check their facebook account while surfing on the web.

I hope you find this article helpful for you.

Skype Smileys For Facebook Chat 2013

Here I collected a new list of smileys to use in facebook chat, just copy/paste the code of each smiley you want to use in your chat box:












































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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Zoom your facebook photos using Photo Zoom Chrome Extension

Although facebook hasn't yet created a feature to zoom photos, still there's a google extension that can do that using the google chrome browser, this chrome extension will get you able to see a larger size of any image on facebook.

This google chrome extension can be downloaded from the chrome web store, an icon of google extension will remain on your chrome toolbar whenever you browse internet with it, the facebook extension integrates directly to Facebook so you just have to log in to your facebook account and be able to use it.

Photo Zoom for Facebook

This facebook chrome extension is trustworthy and it already has 5 millions facebook users, it also has a good image quality. this extension has been modified through the past two years in order to give it a better resolution.

In order to start zooming photos on facebook, you need first to add this chrome extension to your chrome browser, Here's the direct link to install this chrome extension from the chrome web store Photo Zoom for Facebook.

Adding Photo Zoom for Facebook to chrome.

To add the extension click on Add To Chrome at the right side of the page, confirm that you want to use the extension, since the extension is installed you'll notice a green button telling you that the extension is added successfully to chrome.

How to use Photo Zoom for Facebook extension ?

A facebook photo zoom using Photo Zoom for Facebook chrome extension.

Now since you've installed this chrome extension on your google chrome browser a small icon will appear next to the chat bar, you can log in to your facebook account and select any photo of any size to take a zoom of it, you come across an image just hover over it with your mouse and it will get zoomed automatically.

Photo Zoom for Facebook Turned on.

You can use this feature only when the extension is on, just next to the chat bar you'll notice an icon, to turn this extension off just click on the small icon.

Photo Zoom for Facebook Turned off.

That's all, I hope that you found this chrome extension helpful for you.