Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to post an empty status on Facebook

Hi guys, as known in the normal way Facebook doesn't allow its users to update a blank status (empty status with no characters at all). but today i'll show you the ultimate trick to do that, it's very easy.

First log in to your Facebook account, click the text box where you are supposed to type your status update, now copy this code @[0:0: ] and paste it in your textbox without adding any other characters as you can see in the photo:

@[0:0: ].

Now click Post.

The result is a blank status.

In order to make your blank status much longer, copy-paste the @[0:0: ] code again as much as you like. and press Enter in order to go back to the line as much as you like.

Lines of @[0:0: ] to make your blank status any longer.

The result speaks for itself.
I hope that you find this trick fun for you