Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why should delete and not hide posts from your timeline

Since facebook has launched its new timeline, many facebook users would tend to hide some of their posts rather than deleting them permanently, it's true that the hidden post will disappear from your timeline, but the fact that most users neglect is; even when you hide these posts from your timeline, they'll come back and appear in in your friend's new feeds and their search and that may not please all facebook users who believe that hidding post is the best way to get rid of their posts.

However you should be careful when you hide things from your timeline such as photos and updates because anyone of your friends will be able to view what's hidden in your timeline back only in his newsfeed.

Facebook has already given you a small note whenever you choose to hide things from your timeline:

Facebook warning message.

Deleting post is a more effecient way than hidding posts, you'll never know how can a hiden post will come back, you'll feel more comfortable deleting a post rather than hidding it.

I hope that this article made you aware on how should you get rid of the unwanted posts of your timeline.