Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to share funny pictures on facebook from 9GAG

9GAG is a facebook application that has over 5 million active users on facebook, it enables you to share daily updated funny pictures with your friends.

To start sharing funny pictures from 9GAG to your facebook timeline, First go to homepage and log in with your facebook account, since you're on the 9gag homepage you'll find dozens of funny pictures to share on your facebook timeline, you just have to choose which one you find funny and the one will make your friends laugh about it.

To share any picture click on the facebook Share button at the right side of any picture.

And to search for specific funny pictures, click on the search bar and then type what you are looking for example: Babies..

As you can see, hundreds of funny pictures will show up.

That's all, I hope you find this article helpful for you.