Sunday, May 12, 2013

New collection of emoticons and symbols for Facebook comments

New Facebook symbols and emoticons for Facebook comments and status.

Hey everyone, I recently collected a new list of smileys and symbols to use in Facebook comments and status on my Fb Answers Guide page, To use these comment symbols and emoticons; select one of the emoticons you want to use by clicking on them, then copy/paste as much empty boxes as you want to you use.

Facebook Cloud Icon Umbrella Emoticon Facebook Sun Emoticon Broken Heart Emoticon Facebook Blue Heart Icon Green Heart Emoticon Yellow Heart Emoticon Purple Heart Emoticon Triple Heart Emoticon Stabbed Heart Cool heart icon Wrapped Heart Emoticon Sparkling Heart Icon 
Lip Mark Emoticon Lips Emoticon Emoticon in love Couple in love Star Emoticon Stars emoticon Facebook Music Note Emoticon Music Notes Emoticon Zzz Emoticon Purple Devil Emoticon Peace Fingers Emoticon Dislike Emoticon Facebook Clenched Fist Emoticon 
Muscle arm Fist Emoticon Two hands reaching up A-ok sign Open Hand Emoticon A pair of hands clapping. Finger pointing up Index finger Present emoticon Snowman Emoticon Alien Emoticon Green Monster Emoticon Party Popper 
Angel Emoticon Beer Emoticon Bell Emoticon Balloon Emoticon Fire Emoticon Facebook Thunder Emoticon Ghost Emoticon Moon Emoticon Phone Emoticon Clover Emoticon Cocktail Glass Emoticon Graduation Hat Pumpkin Emoticon 
Skull emoticon Nail Polish Emoticon Wave Emoticon Wave Emoticon Christmas Tree Emoticon Ear Emoticon Nose Emoticon Eyes Emoticon Girl with bunny ears Bouquet Emoticon TV Emoticon Hamburger Emoticon Guardsman Emoticon 
Man With Turban Santa Claus Emoticon Policeman Emoticon Construction Worker Emoticon Princess Emoticon Blonde Girl Emoticon Older Man Older woman Baby Face Boy and girl holding hands Man and woman holding hands Dancer Emoticon Strawberry Emoticon 
Orange Emoticon Red Apple Emoticon Droplets Emoticon Palm Emoticon Cactus Emoticon Maple Leaf Emoticon Fallen Leaf Emoticon Fluttering Leaf Cherry Blossom Facebook Rose Emoticon Tulip Emoticon Sunflower Emoticon Seedling Emoticon 
Hibiscus Emoticon Snake Emoticon Bug Emoticon Puppy Emoticon Teddy Bear Emoticon Mouse Emoticon Monkey Face Hamster Emoticon Wolf Emoticon Tiger Emoticon Horse face Pig Emoticon Cat Emoticon 
Bunny Emoticon Poodle Emoticon Sheep Emoticon Penguin face Koala Emoticon Cow Emoticon Wild boar Emoticon Chicken Emoticon Yellow Chick Bird Emoticon Elephant Emoticon Horse Emoticon Camel Emoticon 
Monkey Emoticon Octopus Dolphin Emoticon Whale emoticon Tropical Fish Fish Emoticon Blowfish Seashell Emoticon Frog Face Tongue out and winking Tongue Out Emoticon Facebook Blush Emoticon Winking Emoticon 
Sad Face Unamused Emoticon Emoticon Screaming In Fear Scared Emoticon Emoticon Blowing A Kiss Emoticon crying tears of joy Emoticon with eyes wide open Red Angry Emoticon Astonished Emoticon Big Grin Emoticon Dizzy Emoticon Disappointed emoticon Emoticon Shedding Tears 
Dizzy Emoticon Angry face emoticon

As you can see there are five lines of empty boxes relevant to the same emoticon shown, Just copy as many boxes as you want and paste them in your comments or status box:

How to copy/paste your desired emoticon or smiley.

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