Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to get your Facebook account back after being disabled

There are several reasons where Facebook could have disabled your account for and blocked you to gain access to it again, with or without a warning some of the reasons are logic whereas some others are made by mistake. However if you are trying to log in into your Facebook account and it says: Your Facebook account has been disabled, Here's the two questions that come into your mind, why, and how to get my Facebook account back?, this means that you must have violated Facebook statement of rights and responsibilities in a way or in another.

Common reasons why would Facebook disable your account:

Facebook Fake Name: Your Facebook account can easily get disabled because of a fake Facebook name or when you try to use a celebrity name or just include abnormal words or characters in your Facebook name.

Adding too many Facebook friends: while the maximum limit for adding friends is 5000 friends, you may get blocked for adding too many friends.

Joining a large number of Facebook groups: the maximum limit for joining Facebook groups is 200 groups per account. but your account may still get disabled for joining more than 100 groups.

Writing offensive comments or status: If you have written offensive posts on your wall or someone's else wall or in a Facebook page, you may get easily reported to Facebook.

Spamming: If you add too many duplicate links or promotional content in Facebook posts or messages within one session you're account is definitely going to be disabled.

Underage: If you're under 13 years old, you are not allowed to have a Facebook account.

Security Disable: Your account may get disabled for security reasons, as it may be someone is trying to hack your account or steal your identity, but in that case you will get an access to it just by passing the account verification process.

How to get a disabled Facebook account back:

To enable your Facebook disabled account again, you need to contact the Facebook team by submitting an appeal to them, you need to fill out this form My Personal Account was Disable without having to log in to your Facebook account, first enter your disabled account email address, then your contact email address where Facebook can send you a reply, and your account name and date of birth as well, you can leave more details in the additional info box if you think that it's important. when you finish click on the blue button Send.

You should get a response from the Facebook team in less than a week, If you didn't receive any response try to contact them again.

How to protect your Facebook account from getting disabled:

However to avoid this happen again, make sure you read the Facebook statement of rights and responsibilities and not violate any of them as a Facebook user.

When thinking about changing your Facebook account name, keep away from using abnormal characters or symbols.

Don't think about spamming Facebook using your personal account, that's something Facebook would easily find out and take action against it.

Don't send more than two Facebook friend requests per week or learn How to find and cancel all friends requests on Facebook at once. and keep away from adding people that you don't know outside Facebook as it may cause you other problems.

That's all, I hope you find this article helpful for you.